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The Succubus Lust Blog

Our blog was created for the purpose of entertaining, intriguing and helping those who, like us, have decided to embark on a journey to seek pleasure on higher levels.

We will address various topics, not only about the world of sex toys, we would appreciate the opportunity to engage with you through comments to explore various topics in depth. We look forward to seeing you.


The instruments of pleasure

We use the term "Toys (toys)," referring to our pleasure tools, because they are objects "that are for play and fun" but in an adult version. Sex Toys are powerful tools that can take pleasure, whether in couples or solo, to other levels; There are different types, designed for multiple types of pleasure. In this section of the blog we will describe various models to help you choose the one that best suits your purposes, with the hope of helping you on your pleasure-seeking journey.

The materials of pleasure

What is my sex toy made of? Is it a safe material? How should I store it? If you ask yourself these questions, the articles in this section of the blog may help you. We aim to describe the various materials and help you choose the one best suited to your needs and perhaps give your sex toys a longer life.

The knowledge of pleasure

The survival of many animal species to an unfavorable environmental condition has always relied on sexual reproduction, a process that originates genetic recombination through the union of two individuals of opposite sex.

To incentivize procreation, each species has formed a reward system at the biological level that makes the act of reproduction pleasurable.

Human beings, as animal species, are not exempt from these principles.

In this section of the BLOG we will address topics of sexuality and find out what mechanisms make sex so pleasurable.

Tips and curiosities

The world of sexual pleasure is definitely vast and varied, it is not possible to categorize it, this section of the blog is a collection of articles that can advise and be a source of inspiration for the reader, without delving into topics in a scientific or tedious way, after all we just want to enjoy and do it to the fullest!


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