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PVC the most popular and cheapest of the pleasure materials

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PVC, which stands for "polyvinyl chloride," is a plastic material derived from vinyl chloride, an organic compound of natural origin.

One of the special features of PVC is its ability to acquire various forms with different physical, mechanical, and chemical properties (some of these are, for example, vinyl and that termed "jelly") through the addition of additives.

Depending on the additive used, PVC can be inert, flame-retardant or self-extinguishing, tough, UV-resistant, and weather-resistant. This versatility, as well as its relative cost-effectiveness, make it one of the most widely used polymers in the world, especially in the construction industry, but also one of the most controversial materials on which continuous studies are being carried out on its impact on humans and the environment.

The evolution of PVC

Some additives used in the past for PVC production proved to be toxic and when subjected to certain environmental conditions were released into the environment. Over time, more stable, inert and nontoxic PVCs were developed using organic and environmentally friendly plasticizers and stabilizers. These PVCs used for medical applications are characterized for bio-compatibility with tissues and fluids of the human body.

Unfortunately, these enhancements raise the price of the finished product and we are unlikely to find them in Sex Toys that are too cheap and of dubious origin, which in most cases are of low quality and tend to degrade releasing toxic additives to the body.

PVC in the world of sex toys is used more in the creation of Dildos, thus in sex toys that are born to enter our intimate areas. This is why you will understand how important it is to buy PVC sex toys from safe and certified brands, such as those you will find in our online store.

The cleaning of the sex toy

Another aspect to pay attention to in PVC sex toys is cleanliness. This material, in fact, especially in its JELLY form, turns out to be very porous. The pores can become a receptacle for potentially harmful substances and organisms: bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that turn the sex toy into a vector of infection. Consequently, it is very important to take care to properly treat, with specific cleaning products, our objects of pleasure after each use and follow the manufacturer's instructions for their storage.


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