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Size is not important...with the right tools!

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How many times have we heard "size doesn't matter," with winking looks and giggles because in the end there is always someone for whom it does matter, all right. But at the end of the day it is true, with modern means size is no longer an issue. Today what really matters is to feel and give pleasure! And how is that achieved? Yes of course with adequate size, we agree.... But especially with good and appropriate sex toys!

Sex toys for penis extension

If we're really talking about size again, with the right sex toy any penis will be helped to achieve those much-coveted extra inches! Ever heard of penis developers? They are sort of little pumps made to increase blood flow into the member and thus make it bigger, making it gain significant inches! 

Or again, penis sheaths? They are just what they sound like, which are silicone sheaths that are applied to the erect member and give it greater length and size! But of course, since pleasure whatever they say does not simply depend on length, these phallic sheaths often feature stimulating pads designed precisely to activate the erogenous zones of the female sex organs.

In fact, aren't we still convinced that women like it big and over? Female pleasure is a complex world that needs to be carefully probed to be properly understood and treated. You don't need a degree eh, you simply need to inform yourself about which areas of the female body cause the most pleasure and learn how to stimulate them properly. The penis is needed yes, but there are many other body parts and objects of pleasure that can be a valuable aid in the erotic stimulation of women. Give your partners a treat then, read the next paragraphs carefully!

Female sex toys

Let us start with an excursus on the most powerful erogenous zones of the female body. Surely you know that the nipples are a great source of pleasure for women when properly stimulated. You know that, right? Anyway, in addition to classic tongue and hand stimulation (gentle massages, don't squeeze unless you are asked to!) there is a world of toys made specifically to help women get more out of their breasts. For example, nipple clamps, which lightly pinch this delicate part and activate arousal (psst! Boys can use it too, no contraindications!).

Turning, however, to the most complex and mysterious area, namely the vagina, the discussion gets hotter. How many know the difference between clitoris and vagina? Internal or external orgasm? Does the G-spot really exist? SPOILER ALERT: Yes it does exist and greatly appreciates a whole range of G-spot stimulators, equipped with shapes designed to tease this very hidden part of the female body. If they vibrate even better. Do you use vibrators when you entertain yourself with your her? Don't say no, please...if it's no anyway you can always make up for it, even if it's just with a mini vibrator to begin with, without being scared off by the size (remember the size? It doesn't count here either).

Another treat, clitoral stimulators, which, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, perfectly simulate the sensation of oral sex, giving her moments of pure pleasure, whether you're with her or not.

Have you taken notes? Now, surprise her!


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