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Suggesting and not showing: lingerie and the art of seduction

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This famous phrase suggests to us that very often there is no canon by which we judge the beauty, and in the case we are interested in, the sensuality of a person. Seduction is a complicated art, but we believe that imagination and suggestion always play a key role.

That is why the stage of so-called foreplay is particularly delicate, since in this the spirits and bodies heat up and passion inevitably ignites.

In this article, we will look at several items, also found in our store, that are perfect for seducing your partner and thus having a more spicy and erotic sexual experience. In particular, we will focus on various dresses that are very seductive and manage to highlight the beauty of the body and ignite nights of fiery passion even if they do not directly show body parts such as breasts or intimate areas. 

Unraveling the mystery: the sensuality of seeing or not seeing

Man is a very curious being, if you put something secret or hidden in front of him he will try in every way to reveal it. This also applies to our case, outfits such as Bodystocking and catsuits for example, highlight the curves and shapes of the female body and partly suggest them with their transparency seducing the partner and inviting him to discover more.

Sometimes a suggestive dress attracts and ignites passion more than full nudity.

A complement to any self-respecting lingerie are stockings and pantyhose that can make the smooth, velvety legs even more sensual even in this case by partly hiding them from view.

We cannot omit petticoats, which can also be used for sleeping on hot summer nights. If you have a partner, do not expect that wearing them will make it easy to fall asleep!

Sexy dresses and role-playing: unleash your imagination

Experimenting with your partner in bed is important so that you can understand each other as you go along and find new ways of experiencing sexual intercourse. One creative way to unleash one's imagination is to invent real role-playing games. In fact, in this way you can create scenarios that can realize any kind of fetish, not to be understood in a derogatory sense, each of us has, for example, situations or professions that we certainly eroticize in some way, in the same way that we prefer certain foods to others, there is nothing negative about this.

Is your partner a lover of oral sex and manual stimulation? With the nurse's dress you can take care of her needs! Do you think you still have a lot to learn in the field of sex? Then with the schoolgirl outfit you'll be sure to get a good review!

These are just a few simple examples of role play, but the possibilities, like the human imagination, are truly endless!

Visit our site to find the lingerie that suits you best, we also have sizes for women with more curves so that everyone can find the perfect outfit to enhance the femininity of their body.


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