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The benefits of male masturbation

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In some societies masturbation continues to be seen as taboo. It is an almost forbidden topic that is hardly discussed openly and is reserved for intimate matters. Exacerbating the reputation of DIY pleasure are the many misconceptions: how it causes infertility, blindness, etc.

However, masturbation, in addition to being a completely natural component of discovering one's sexuality, especially in adolescence. It absolutely does not take away from the sexual component of the couple in fact it brings a number of psychophysical benefits, as well as obviously producing pleasure...

Let's look at some benefits related to male masturbation:

Reduces the chance of prostate cancer and infection

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men over the age of 65. in fact, it is on the rise, accounting for 18.5 percent of all cancers diagnosed in men in 2020.

A study published in European Urology, showed that frequent emptying of the prostate gland, something achieved by ejaculation at a frequency of at least 21 times a month, decreases the risk of prostate cancer occurrence by 19%. In addition, the frequent exchange of seminal fluid, which occurs with ejaculation, prevents the occurrence of inflammation and infection.

It is a natural relaxant and improves mood

The most common options for relaxation, are herbal teas, reading, yoga and in extreme cases medication. But through masturbation you can achieve the ultimate in relaxation. When it reaches orgasm, the body secretes hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine and a mass of endorphins. 

Oxytocin is the hormone that can reduce cortisol levels, the one associated with stress. But it also does a whole other set of very useful things. For example, it reduces blood sugar and drives away the risk of developing insulin resistance and thus type 2 diabetes.

Endorphins, morphine-like substances, give the sense of fulfillment, pleasure and are the main cause of the drowsy state after orgasm.

We have understood that, with masturbation, we secrete a number of hormones such as dopamine and endorphins. But we cannot leave out dopamine. Due to the release of this substance after orgasm, the brain circuits of satisfaction are activated, improving mood and happiness.

Improves fertility

Masturbation, more or less frequently, helps maintain a higher level of fertility. This is because, old sperm is expelled through ejaculation, initiating the process of spermatogenesis, so that there is a new generation of healthier and younger sperm.

Male masturbation with sex toys

Although for millennia man has had no problem masturbating with the aid of Federica (the friendly hand) alone. We at www.succubuslust.it have made it our goal to help you reach ever-higher heights of pleasure. In our store you will find a whole range of sex toys that you can also use on your own.

The sleeve masturbators

Masturbatore Fleshlight

The most famous are definitely the masturbators from the well-known manufacturer Fleshlight. They have the shape of a flashlight, but inside they have a sleeve made of rubbery material that faithfully reproduces the shape of the vagina, where, by inserting the member you will experience extremely realistic sensations, similar to those of real intercourse.

As masturbators continue to evolve over time, we now have faithful reproductions of the private parts of famous porn stars. They are also not limited to just the vagina, we can also find them in the shape of an anus or simulators of oral intercourse in the shape of a mouth of course.

Maxi masturbators

As the name implies, maxi masturbators are less limited in size and definitely less discreet. They are sex toys designed for those who are not satisfied with simple member stimulation, but wish to reproduce real intercourse with different positions.

At one time this task was the prerogative of sex dolls. However, they are far from being considered realistic and require a good deal of imagination to associate them with a real body.

Real doll

Today, however, with the help of rubbery materials such as TPE or silicone, the way has been opened to endless possibilities for enjoyment. We find masturbators that realistically reproduce from the simple portion of the body, such as realistic butts, half busts, to the whole body. This last series of masturbators is called real dolls, real bodies made of rubbery leather-like material, with a metal skeleton that reproduces the movements of human joints, thus allowing you to enjoy in the position you most desire.

The world of sex toys dedicated to masturbation, has reached high levels of realism. Of course, costs are disparate and sex toys such as real dolls reach prices that are not accessible to all pockets.

At www.succubuslust.it we always look for certified and safe products, taking care to keep the price as competitive as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us, at info@succubuslust.it or on social media, if you would like more details or advice, to find the product that best suits your needs.


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